Sunday, 15 June 2014

Dragon Eyes

This was a project idea that I have seen a couple of times on Pinterest. It was hugely popular with my Year 2 to Year 5 classes that tried it and a great way to practice blending their inks. We first drew our eyes in pencil and then outlined with a black wax crayon. Colour was added using ink and students had the option to also add a small amount of glitter.
Noha - Year 4/5
Alex - Year 4/5
Ashton - Year 4/5
Cooper - Year 4/5
Ella - Year 4/5
Gigi - Year 3
Jasmin - Year 4/5
Indigo - Year 2
Jasper G - Year 4/5
Grace - Year 4/5
Lilly - Year 4/5
Maggie - Year 4/5
Swarup - Year 4/5


  1. Oh my, somehow I've missed this on Pinterest! I'm such a HUGE dragon-lover, and this lesson is simply fabulous! Thanks for sharing! Pinning!!

  2. Oooh...what a great art project! Your students did a great job with all the extra details. Pinning!