Saturday, 8 April 2017

Collaborating with Nature

I love to work with other artists and art teachers. It makes me a better teacher and I am hopefully able to pass on some good tips to the people who come to visit my art room. This term I have been lucky to have several visitors.....from pre-service teachers, to a published illustrator and new graduates. This project was completed with very capable new grad, Ellen. We decided to run with her 'Collaborating with Nature' project. We worked with a Grade 2 class and a Grade 3/4 ESL class (English as a Second Language). The first session involved showing the students some examples of where people had used something from nature (leaves, twigs, feathers etc), to create a piece of art. We then took the students outside to the school gardens. They were able to collect however many items would fit into their small ziplock bag. Back in the classroom, we did a quick group session using a couple of the found items. The next session involved the students constructing a scene using a number of their found items (we have a broad theme of Summer). We found that it was helpful to photograph these session 1 creations and then look at them as a group. Students then gave constructive feedback on how the artist could add to their picture. Here are some photos of the process!